Cultivating hope and inspiring change to promote mental health recovery

About us

Dr. Vail

President Lyndon Johnson presenting Dr. Vail with an award for his efforts on behalf of new mental health legislation.

Vail Place is named after Dr. David Vail, a national pioneer in promoting the humanitarian treatment of people with mental illnesses in community-based settings.

Who we are:

Vail Place is a Minnesota nonprofit (501(c)(3)) that helps people with serious mental illnesses (our “members”) get back on their feet by providing connections to essential services, supports, and resources. We provide:

  • PURPOSE, through shared work
  • DIRECTION, through employment, housing, wellness, and social programs
  • HOPE, by reconnecting members with community

Members come to us at our two locations, and we also reach out to them in their homes and places of work.

Who We Serve:

People with long-term, serious illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression

Where We Are:
  • Minneapolis Uptown (36th & Hennepin – providing services in SW Minneapolis and surrounding area)
  • Hopkins Downtown (9th Avenue off Main St.- providing services for NW suburbs)
How We Serve the Broader Community:

By saving lives and dollars:

  • We help people help themselves and contribute to the community, reducing costly interventions: hospitalization, homelessness, incarceration, police and other public resources
  • We help each person with remarkable financial efficiency – whereas a psychiatric hospitalization runs about $2,600/day/person
  • We also help restore broken relationships and build healthy ones . . . within families, with friends, and with the broader community