Dr. Vail Hour a hit in 2017

Dr. Vail Hour a hit in 2017

Over 300 people joined us at this year’s Dr. Vail Hour performances of  Recovery Superheroes, The Battle Continues. We were thrilled to see so many people excited to become Recovery Superheroes and support the work we do at Vail Place.

Dr. Vail Hour is a cornerstone fundraising event for Vail Place. It helps us reach our goals each year for programs that realize remarkable results including:

  • 20% of Vail Place members work and ALL have access to employment support (compared to the national average of 2%)
  • The highly effective Clubhouse Model provides $14 of value for every $1 donated.
  • Vail Place will serve more than 2,000 people with serious mental illnesses in 2017.

Impressive as these statistics may be, the words from Vail Place Rap perhaps say it best:

That’s what recovery means to me
A chance to be what I can be
It’s what I’ll find if I’ve the chance
To do my own kinda awkward dance

But I need a hand to find my tune
And once I do, I’ll shoot the moon
That’s what Vail Place means for me
My own, my special recovery

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and give at the event this year.  And congratulations to members, staff and volunteers who made this year’s performances so meaningful for all of us.

You can still participate with a financial donation by clicking this link.

Photos from Dr. Vail Hour 2017