Cultivating hope and inspiring change to promote mental health recovery


Based on a Vision and a Model

Vail Place is named after Dr. David Vail, Minnesota’s nationally recognized mental health pioneer.

Vail Place is part of the Clubhouse Movement, which began as a result of the vision and persistence of a small group of individuals with serious mental illnesses, released from a psychiatric institution in New York in the 1940’s. They realized there was no community support available for them and for those like them because there was virtually no understanding in the community of their personal worth and of their potential for recovery . . . so they started their own support group called WANA – We Are Not Alone.

WANA soon attracted the attention of progressive community leaders and mental health professionals and grew into the Clubhouse Movement, a model of mental health rehabilitation based on helping people manage and control their own lives through a process that builds community around them, a series of links: to relationships; to safe and stable homes; to jobs; to engaged and productive community life.  Clubhouse is now practiced in over 300 locations all over the world and has proven its effectiveness in every culture.

Vail Place opened its doors in Hopkins in 1981, adding the Uptown Minneapolis location in 1988.  It is the only recognized Clubhouse in Minnesota.