Clubhouse Movement Celebration Week Starts June 1

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Clubhouse Movement Celebration Week Starts June 1

June 1st – June 7th is Clubhouse Movement Celebration Week! It’s a time to celebrate the impact of the Clubhouse model has had for those with mental illness around the world. The uniquely effective Clubhouse Model was, and remains, the foundation of our work.

This year marks the 5th year of Clubhouse Movement Celebration Week. We invite you to participate by sharing your stories of how the Clubhouse model, through Vail Place, has helped you. Visit the Clubhouse Movement Celebration Week Facebook page to leave your testimonial. Simply “like” the page and then write a post on it. You can use the hashtag #clubhouseworks to help spread the word!

Tips for writing your testimonial:

  • Stories with 1-4 sentences or fewer than 125 words are most effective
  • Focus on how the Clubhouse International movement has affected you, rather than personal details
  • Try starting with “What my Clubhouse has meant to me is” or “Before I came to Vail Place I was” or “Without Vail Place I would probably be” to help get your story going.

We encourage Vail Place members, families and friends, community members and anyone else who’s seen the power of the Clubhouse model at work to share their experience!