Did you miss the Dr. Vail Hour Performance?

Did you miss the Dr. Vail Hour Performance?

Did you miss the Dr. Vail Hour Performance this year?

View the live recorded performance now!


If you were unable to attend our Dr. Vail Hour performance this year, we now have it available to view on our YouTube Channel. We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of people to solve “The Mystery of Vail Place” we hope you will enjoy this live recorded performance as much as we did.


This funding from this fundraising performance will help support the gap in funding we are facing with our Clubhouse Community Support Programs.


For over 30 years our Clubhouse Community Support Programs have received stable funding. We were notified in late September that the funding for our Clubhouse Programs will be reduced 50% next year. These Clubhouses save lives, prevent crisis, and focus on proactively responding to the needs of those we work alongside. We are dedicated to finding champions in the community who want to lift these people’s lives up with us.

There is still time to Donate Now to help us reach our fundraising goal this year. We hope you will consider supporting us by making a contribution if you have not already done so.


Continued support from friends like you is what makes our work possible. Together, we empower people living with serious mental illness with information, tools, and support, so they have new opportunities to achieve fulfilling lives.


Please click here to view the performance. We appreciate you for being a part of the Vail Place community!