The Battle Continues for our Recovery Superheroes at the 2017 Dr. Vail Hour October 19

The Battle Continues for our Recovery Superheroes at the 2017 Dr. Vail Hour October 19

On Thursday, October 19, 2017 Dr. Vail Hour will be back with Recovery Superheroes – The Battle Continues. This year’s brand new production features Vail Place members, volunteers and staff and focuses specifically on the work-ordered day, a vital component of the Clubhouse model. The performance is drawn from the real life stories of Vail Place members, both before and after their recovery.  Recovery Superheroes – The Battle Continues integrates the success and accomplishments of Vail Place members into an educational, funny and inspirational hour of entertainment. Held once again at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley, this year’s event includes two performances: a breakfast from 8-9am OR for lunch 12-1pm.

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Mary Irey and Stefano LoVerso have co-written and produced the Dr. Vail Hour program since 2013.

Vail Place Director of External Affairs Stefano LoVerso and his wife, Mary Irey have written and produced the program since it became performance-based in 2013. Mary and Stefano spend countless hours researching member stories, writing the script and leading rehearsals prior to the big event. The pair typically begin working on the program three months prior to the performance.  Both Mary and Stefano have backgrounds in professional theater, and even ran a theater company out west for several years before moving to Minnesota. Their experience combined with the compelling stories of Vail Place members result in a unique performance that is both moving and meaningful.

“Every year there is always something new and exciting,” said Stefano. “Each year we take a different angle, and a different approach so audiences learn something new and different about Vail Place. 2017 has an exciting new interactive aspect based on the concepts of improv theater that should be really fun for everyone.”  Once again, Jonathan Andress has written an original score. Along with a member chorus, the Vail Place performers will take on a rap song for the very first time.

Dr. David Vail receiving an award from President Johnson.

Like Vail Place,  the Dr. Vail Hour is named after acclaimed mental health pioneer Dr. David Vail. The founder of the Clubhouse model, Dr. Vail promoted the humanitarian treatment of people with mental illnesses in community-based settings. Dr. Vail was recognized for his work in mental health and was presented with an award by President Lyndon Johnson for his efforts on behalf of championing new mental health legislation. Dr. Vail’s work forever changed the way adults with serious mental illnesses were treated.