Gratitude for Vail Place

Gratitude for Vail Place

By Carla N.

Sometimes it is hard to feel gratitude when you have to deal with a mental illness and all that that entails. Being on social security disability. Dealing with getting and keeping low income housing. Trying to find good quality food especially fruit and vegetables that you can afford. Dealing with the health care system and your mental illness and the medication side effects you are on. And then a place like Vail Place comes into your life. A place where you can feel safe and welcomed, to be you and meet other people like yourself. You can get help with housing and health care. You can partake in mealtimes that have fruit and vegetables, a carbohydrate and a protein. Social programs that are fun. The work day to help you prepare for working in the community. When you are ready you can get help writing your resume and work towards getting a job that meets you where you are. The staff truly care about you. So I do feel gratitude for Vail Place and everyone who is on its staff and all its members who welcome me each time.

Thank you to Uptown Clubhouse members Michelle and James for sharing signs of our changing times as the colors of fall transition to snow.

Photo by Michele M.


Cartoon by James S.