Introducing Vail Care

Introducing Vail Care

Vail Place launches Vail Care, a new behavioral health home services program provides a bridge to long-term health and wellness for people with serious mental illnesses

Vail Care is a Medicaid-certified behavioral health home services program. Vail Care includes health and wellness promotion, case management, enrollee and family support, care management, and referrals for community-based services. Vail Care is part of a national health program that facilitates access to and coordination of care for Medicaid beneficiaries, many of whom have multiple chronic illnesses.

“Most people aren’t aware that adults with mental illnesses live 25 years less than the average population. This is not related to mental health issues, but to physical conditions like heart disease, diabetes complications, obesity and others.” said Julie Plante, a registered nurse at Vail Place. “Many people live with mental health issues but aren’t eligible for case management services unless the situation becomes acute. Vail Care addresses the need for people with mental illnesses to receive better whole health care when they’re not in crisis.”

Vail Care is a voluntary service and available to those with medical assistance and a mental health diagnosis. Ideally this includes people who live with mental health issues but have enough relative stability to look for support and direction to address other health and wellness concerns.  By focusing on long-term recovery, behavioral health home services programs like Vail Care help reduce costs, avoid emergency situations, and improve the lives of those with mental illnesses.

“Behavioral health home services fit perfectly within the Vail Place umbrella of services. Our primary focus has always been a whole health approach to recovery for people with mental illnesses,” said Vicky Couillard, Executive Director for Vail Place. “With Vail Care we can provide more services to people with mental illnesses to address their overall health and well-being.”

Authorized and enacted in January 2011 under the ACA, behavioral health home care facilitates access to, and coordination of care for Medicaid beneficiaries with multiple chronic illnesses.  Minnesota is one of only eight states selected in December 2016 for the program.