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Vail Place Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in Vail Place services, here is more information on how we can help. You can also download a brochure here.

What is Vail Place?

Vail Place is a recovery center based on the Clubhouse Model and focused on providing the support and services necessary to successfully reintegrate adults with mental illness into the community.

What are Clubhouse Community Support Services?

The Clubhouse Model on which Vail Place is built centers on community, relationship building and opportunities along the recovery journey. Such opportunities include finding friends, employment, education, housing, health and wellness and a connection to the community. We operate out of two clubhouse locations:
• 1412 W. 36th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408
• 15 S. 9th Avenue, Hopkins, MN 55343

Clubhouse Services Contact:

Samantha Sands, LSW, Clubhouse Intake Coordinator
Phone: 952-406-9284
Fax: 952-283-2332

What are Vail Care Services?

Vail Care is a comprehensive service provided by a team of individuals, a nurse and others who can help you with all aspects of your life. The Vail Care team can assist you in securing mental health and medical services and finding social and community supports. Our staff work with you in your home as well as the community to create a Health Action Plan, as well as provide coaching and support to help you meet your health goals.

Vail Care Contact:

Phone: 952-945-4225
Fax: 952-945-4267

Referral packets available upon request.

What are Case Management Services?

A case manager works with you to connect you with the services you need and want. The goal is to achieve recovery, health and independence. Our case managers meet with you in your home or elsewhere in the community at least once a month or more frequently if necessary.

Case Management Contacts:

Kristen Faber, Case Management Program Assistant
Phone: 952-945-4240
Fax: 952-283-2301

For case management referrals contact Hennepin County Front Door service at 612-348-4111.

For North Memorial Health Case Management referrals fax completed referral packet to 952-938-7934.