In the words of Katie Berfeldt – Many Voices, One Song cast member

In the words of Katie Berfeldt – Many Voices, One Song cast member

We sat down with Katie Berfeldt, Vail Place staff member and Many Voices, One Song cast member to talk about Vail Place and this year’s Dr. Vail Hour production, the Vail Place musical. Learn more about Many Voices, One Song & RSVP for Dr. Vail Hour here.

Here’s what Katie had to say.

If you had to tell someone about Vail Place in one or two sentences, what would you say?

Katie: Vail Place strives to provide services in a way that takes the whole person into account. We all have struggles, but that is not all we are! I’m thankful for an organization that focuses on strengths and believes we all have potential to grow.

What does Vail Place mean to you?

Katie: Vail Place is about believing that everyone should have access to the resources and support they need to live a life where they can grow, have choices, and be a part of something.

What does it mean to you to be part of this production?

Katie: Stepping out of my comfort zone – stretching me for sure! But I love that, and I love to tell the story of Vail Place!

If you were talking to someone and telling them to come to the show, what would you tell them to get them to come see Many Voices/One Song?

Katie: I have been so inspired in our practices to see everyone coming together. You’re going to laugh, cry, and cheer, so don’t miss out!

Katie & the cast hard at work rehearsing the show.


Getting ready to bring our mission to life through music!