A letter from Sheila, a Vail House Resident

A letter from Sheila, a Vail House Resident

Hi! My name is Sheila, I’m a recovering addict. Just going to share a little of my life with you and how I became a resident here at Vail House.

Thinking, as I had for several years, how depression and addiction have always been a part of my life, even in childhood, was literally all I knew. I decided that I was tired of the negative consistency and I wanted a change.

Soon after this decision I found my way to Park Avenue Treatment Center for Women, my start at a very different but much needed way of life with positive consistency.

Shortly after, graduation from my treatment program at Park Avenue I was given the opportunity to stay at Vail House, a sober house. Since my stay here at Vail House I have found peace, support, new friends that I now call family and most importantly the strength to continue positively moving forward every day.

Today, with all that I continue to be blessed with, sobriety, happiness, trust, friends and family I am proud, so proud to say I have been offered a job at Park Avenue Center the treatment that supported me in my decision to change my life and I have accepted their offer and with much appreciation I will continue to move forward positively and confidently.

So at this moment, loving life, my accomplishments more and more everyday I realized I would not or could not have done it without the kindness, care and support that Vail house continues to extend to me.

I am more than grateful, beyond thankful, to be a resident here at Vail House.

10 months sober and still moving forward.

Thank You!