Make a Difference at the State Legislature Now

Make a Difference at the State Legislature Now

In the coming weeks, Minnesota legislators will be making key decisions that will impact community mental health services in our state. Improving access to daily, coordinated care in the community is vital to the quality of life for people with serious mental illnesses. 

Please urge your legislators to support key items currently at stake in this session:

  • The Excellence in Mental Health Act, in particular funding for certified community behavioral health clinics.
  • Increased rates for outpatient mental health services.
  • Increased funding for School-Linked Mental Health grants.
  • Increased access to state-operated hospital programs and transition services.

Show your support today by contacting House and Senate Leadership or your own State representatives via email or phone. Tell them you support community-based services for people with serious mental illnesses and mention these key items.

House and Senate Leadership can be contacted here: 

Senator Bakk                 651-296-8881

Senator Cohen             651-296-5931

Representative Kurt Daudt         651-296-5364

Representative Jim Knoblach    651-296-6612

Find your representative and contact information by clicking  here.