Meet the Newest Cast Member of Recovery Superheroes – Paramedic John Riley

Meet the Newest Cast Member of Recovery Superheroes – Paramedic John Riley

In 2016 the Dr. Vail Hour has a new star in its cast – North Memorial paramedic John Riley! We know John from his regular visits to the Clubhouses as part of the North Memorial Community Paramedics Program. In this year’s Recovery Superheroes program, John plays the pivotal role of a paramedic who arrives on the scene as Thomas, our main character, experiences a crisis.  As the story progresses, John’s empathy and listening skills help turn the tide for Thomas, and along with the other “superheroes” in the story help put Thomas on the road to recovery.  Although Recovery Superheroes, this year’s production of the Dr. Vail Hour, is fictional it’s not unlike many of the scenarios John has faced during his career as an emergency responder.

“I always look forward to visiting the Clubhouse, and I wish I could be there more often,” says John, who typically visits the Minneapolis Clubhouse once a month. “The Clubhouse members have experienced major challenges in their lives. I find their success stories to be incredibly inspiring.” When approached about actually appearing in the Dr. Vail Hour program in 2016, John was ready and willing.  “I attended the Dr. Vail Hour breakfast last year,” John says, “and I thought it was a great program. I’m excited to actually be a part of it in 2016.”

North Memorial Paramedic John Riley

Each month Vail Place members eagerly anticipate visits from John and other medics from the  North Memorial Program. The paramedics schedule regular sessions at both the Hopkins and Minneapolis Clubhouse during which time members can meet with the medics, have their blood pressure screened, gain answers to health-related questions, and get referrals to other helpful programs.   The medics can also follow up on hospital discharge orders when necessary.

Once again this year North Memorial has renewed their commitment to Vail Place by becoming a primary sponsor of the Dr. Vail Hour Fundraising Breakfast, being held from 8-9am on Wednesday, October 19th at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley. If you’d like to see John and all the other members of the cast transform into mental health Recovery Superheroes, click here to RSVP . Admission to  Dr. Vail Hour – Recovery Superheroes is free!