Our Members Stories in 2016

Our Members Stories in 2016

In addition to Vail Place members  who told their stories at our events at the History Theatre in 2016, and of course at the 2016 Dr. Vail Hour Fundraising Breakfast,  many came forward to tell their stories here on our site. The following is a quick roundup of those stories. We look forward to highlighting more of our “recovery superheroes” in 2017!

Kathy Lavallée

Kathy Lavallée explains why for her, Vail Place is really a family affair in her full of unconditional acceptance and meaningful work.

Calynn Hendrickson

Calynn Hendrickson

Hopkins Clubhouse receptionist Calynn Hendrickson has met and overcome the dual challenges of recovery from mental illness and coping with blindness.

Bo Johnson

If you hear laughter at the Minneapolis Clubhouse,  Bo Johnson is probably at the center of it as he uses humor and friendship to continue his recovery.

Richard Whitman

At 46, a referral from the VA to Vail Place helped Richard Whitman get started on a road of long-term recovery.

Ralph Coleman

Ralph Coleman’s story proves it’s never too late to start a new life of hope, recovery and overcoming not only mental illness but a learning disability as well.