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Hopkins Center Drug Gifts Vail Place $2,500 Award

hopkins center drugWe congratulate Hopkins Center Drug on recently winning a $2,500 prize furnished by Cardinal for the charity of their choice. And we also express our deepest gratitude that Center Drug has chosen Vail Place as the recipient of their award.

Center Drug refers to themselves as the heart of the community, and we know this to be true. They provide their customers a wealth of health education, as well as health screenings and regular events that nourish both body and mind. Center Drug cares about the community not only when its members are sick, but about the overall wellness of everyone living in Hopkins. As a community-based organization we relate deeply to their mission of whole-person care, education and community spirit.

From events like Hopkins Raspberry Day to their own Customer Appreciation Day (and free root beer floats!) to free delivery to customers who are unable to come into town to shop – making them feel still connected to the community – you can see Center Drug making a difference in our community throughout the year. We are so pleased that they have chosen to continue to make a difference through their generous gift to Vail Place. It is through donations such as this that we are able to continue our own mission of aiding adults with mental illness and helping reintegrate them into the community, where we’re confident Center Drug will help us take good care of them.