No Program Left Behind

No Program Left Behind

Vail Place has stayed open throughout COVID-19 and successfully adapted to virtual programming throughout the agency. Read our latest news about our virtual programming and check out our 2019 Annual Report with an overview of all our programs.

A glimpse inside some of our virtual programs:


  • The Hopkins and Uptown Clubhouse communities have made amazing transitions to virtual programming. See this article on MinnPost.
  • The creativity and humor of members and staff are a big part of the reason for their incredible resilience …

    Art by Robin

    WAAG (week-at-a-glance) Zoom meeting


  • Check out what’s happening at each Clubhouse, including links to their virtual newsletters: Uptown Clubhouse & Hopkins Clubhouse.


  • Trish, Case Management Team Lead, has supported Andrew through several ups and downs on his path to recovery. With the shelter in place order, they have had to get creative in accessing resources for chemical dependency and sober living. Andrew has taken initiative to utilize video conferencing to participate in AA meetings, and connect with sober communities of people online. Trish has acknowledged that this is the most engaged he has ever been in his own success, and attributes much of it to him having access to resources online and over the phone that he can rely on and utilize independently.


  • During the pandemic, our Vail Care/Behavioral Health Home is staying in close contact with clients and using technology to help with assessment.  Shannon, a Vail Care client, sustained an injury to her shoulder causing extreme pain.  Julie – our Integration Specialist and RN – coached Shannon through a series of phone calls on self-care strategies.  Then Julie received a text with a photo of Shannon’s shoulder and was able to assess signs of infection. Julie provided guidance around the care of the wound, ways to avoid re-infection and advised her to contact her physician, which Shannon did.  The trust the Vail Care team built with Shannon has positive results as she reaches out when things aren’t going well and accepts and welcomes the support and guidance.


  • Vail House has been operating safely in a 24/7 capacity throughout the Pandemic; they have strong protocols in place and have managed to keep staff and residents healthy.  It can be done, despite the challenges …The impact of virtual therapies is far reaching, with the Stay-At-Home order there is more stress and anxiety; some of our residents have increased their therapy sessions from 1 to 2 a week. Several residents will sit in on the digital recovery meetings daily. Today, someone joined the online meeting asking for support because they were about to relapse. This brought the residents together to talk about self-care and the fragility of sobriety. – Jamie, Vail House Director


  • Carolyn, our Community Services Coordinator, worked with a Vail Connect client who had urgent insurance issues to do a phone call and talk the client, Dillon, through downloading Zoom onto her telephone, then accepting a Zoom call with Carolyn. Carolyn then was able to share her computer screen with Dillon to assist her in completing a MNSure application together, then helped complete Dillon’s referral to case management services. Read more in this great article: Vail Connect Program Transforms to a New Virtual Reality for North Memorial Health Customers