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Bo and MarlowSocialization is at the heart of mental health recovery. It’s the first step. The ability to interact with people in a positive way is essential for all aspects of life, from personal to work-related.

  • Develop healthy relationships, which:
    • build self-esteem and confidence and help fight isolation;
    • improve mood and general functioning;
    • open up a wealth of social and work opportunities;
    • help fight the stigma of mental health diagnoses;
    • help individuals regain control of their recovery and their lives.

The Vail Place Social Program focuses on educational, ethnic, and cultural programming to meet the need for positive social interaction and cultural diversity. A broad range of social and recreational activities are offered on a daily basis, including evening, Saturdays, and major holidays.

Planning of workshops and social and recreational activities is accomplished by members and staff working together to develop a calendar of events, as well as planning the logistics of their activities.

Athletic Leagues
Field Trips
Cultural/Sporting Events
Opportunities to build relationships
For additional information contact:

Hopkins : 952 938 9622 and ask for the Social/Recreation Specialist

Minneapolis : 612 824 8061 and ask for the Social/Recreation Specialist