Dr. Vail Hour 2020

Last year’s Dr. Vail Hour, our first-ever musical, moved and inspired our guests…

“I was blown away by the wonderful musical this morning!!! It was so well done!!! Such wonderful acting, singing, dancing – and of course conveying the message, mission, stories of recovery, and heart of Vail Place!!! Great performance!!! Applause to everyone involved!!!”

“It is clear that a lot of heart went into every aspect of Many Voices, One Song. I was especially touched to see a special showcase made for each person’s particular talents; to hear people tell their own stories; and to see the care and support that the ensemble gave each other, right there on the stage during the show. Vail Place really is something special!”

We will be offering something very special again this year… another original musical!  More details will be available soon so keep an eye on this space. Thank you for your interest and support!

Interested in joining as a sponsor? Contact Stefano LoVerso at sloverso@vailplace.org or call 952-945-4236 for more info.