The Quadruple Aim – the Vail Place Way

The Quadruple Aim – the Vail Place Way

The “Triple Aim” is a common term in healthcare reform with a focus on client experience, lower costs and improved health of the population. The individual who is receiving care or services is the core of the model, with the goal of improved care, health and satisfaction. More recently, we have heard about the Quadruple Aim. Many organizations have viewed the 4th driver to be the care team’s well-being noting that staff satisfaction and engagement is critical in delivering quality care to individuals.

DRIVER 1: Better Care and Experience

Vail Place always has the person engaged in services as the center of all we do. We strive for excellent care and service delivery and as a result, the experience the person has when engaged with our services as evidenced by the graphic below. Respectful, effective and a valuable service that help keep people’s mental health stable! 

DRIVER 2: Better Health Outcomes

Vail Place is not only person-centered, but our philosophy is based on Whole Person Care. In addition to helping people address their mental health challenges, we also focus on physical health. Through our health survey, we ask individuals about food, exercise, substance use and we ask them if they want to set a health goal. Additionally, Vail went tobacco free in 2019 and we offer support and assistance in locating quit plan resources. We encourage people to make healthier choices. We help people make appointments for routine care. Vail Place is proactive and engage in discussion with people about their health.

DRIVER 3: Lower Costs

Vail Place services are cost effective. Our services have demonstrated cost savings by reducing rehospitalizations and Emergency Department visits.

  • $6/day/person – Average cost across all Vail Place programs
  • $5,000/day/person – Average cost of psychiatric hospitalization Twin Cities Metro (MN Hospital Association)
  • $170,000+ – Annualized reduction in cost of care for North Memorial Health from Vail Connect partnership
  • 84% – Reduction in unnecessary rehospitalizations for North Memorial from Vail’s Rapid Access to Case Management

DRIVER 4: Care Team Well Being

Vail Place cares deeply for their employees which is reflected by being named to the list of StarTribune Top Workplaces in 2019 and 2020! The annual award is based on an independent survey sent to employees that questions employee engagement, organizational health and workplace satisfaction. The award highlights Vail Place’s dedication to its team, which is in turn deeply dedicated to, and motivated by it’s vital work providing person-centered, high quality care. As Vail Place pivoted during the pandemic, employees were supported and encouraged as we shifted how we provide virtual services. We embraced technology and new ways to stay connected and get support during these challenging times. 

Vail Place recognizes the importance of all four drivers to reach the Quadruple Aim.  Excellent care delivery, individuals satisfied with care and services, improved health, lower costs and the well-being of employees. We recognize that engaged employees directly correlate to the positive experience of care for those we work with. Vail Place is living the Quadruple Aim!