Vail Place Board Retreat a Success

Vail Place Board Retreat a Success

Jack Yatsko, COO of Clubhouse International

On April 27th, members of Vail Place’s Board and leadership team attended a retreat dedicated to immersing themselves in the day-to-day challenges and activities of Vail Place members, analyzing Vail Place programs in-depth, and much more.

The evening’s highlights included an improvisation session that placed Board members and leaders in the shoes of Vail Place members in the form of a skit written by Stefano LoVerso, Vail Place’s Director of External Affairs. The skit allowed participants to act out a real-life day of a Vail Place member. It was an eye-opening and immersive opportunity to learn what life is really like for our members.

Additionally, attendees heard:

  • A recap of the World Café results from Amy Browne
  • Key trends in the external environment from Stephanie Devitt
  • An update on key trends in the Clubhouse world across the world from Jack Yatsko, COO of Clubhouse International

SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis exercises were conducted and attendees split into small groups to focus on various aspects of Vail Place’s services (Clubhouse, Housing, Partnerships, Technology and Integrated Care). This work let attendees discuss what Vail Place needs to do to be successful in any given best/worst case scenario.

Examination of Vail Place’s accomplishments over the last year, based on previous strategic planning, is still being reviewed by Board members and leadership. The work continues to ensure Vail Place has a vision and plan in place to provide the best possible services and care for our community members with serious and persistent mental illnesses.