Vail Place Expands Housing Services with Completion of Acquisition

Vail Place Expands Housing Services with Completion of Acquisition

Vail House is located at 1025 Sixth St. SE in Minneapolis

This month Vail Place will complete the acquisition of the Cabrini Transitional House, a 23-bed group residential housing (GRH) facility located at 1025 Sixth St Southeast in Minneapolis. The acquisition of the facility represents the next step forward in expanding our housing services, helping fill the growing need for supportive housing in our community.

The facility will be renamed Vail House and will continue to provide housing and services to support homeless adults with mental illness and chemical dependency needs. Vail Place and PPL, the most recent operator of the Cabrini Transitional House, have partnered for many years prior to this acquisition. When PPL began the search for an organization to assume operation of the facility, it was soon apparent that Vail Place was the right choice. In fact, PPL’s Barbara McCormick expressed how pleased they were at PPL “.. that an organization with the capacity and skill of Vail Place has stepped in to keep this little jewel of a program going.”

The program has indeed been a “jewel,” providing housing designed to help adults manage mental health, maintain sobriety, and break the cycle of homelessness since 1985. Up to 23 residents can be served in the communal, transitional housing. Staff work with private landlords throughout Hennepin County to locate permanent housing for participants.

This acquisition brings many strategic benefits for our organization. Most importantly, Vail House represents a new chapter in the evolution of Vail Place. We are realizing a long-term goal of expanding our services to meet the large need for additional housing options for adults with mental illnesses in the Twin Cities. Our organization is excited to provide an even broader continuum of support for people with mental illnesses, and to continue the incredible legacy of Vail Place created by the work of our members, staff, Board, donors, volunteers and many others.