Vail Place Holds First Diversity Council Event

Vail Place Holds First Diversity Council Event

Abdifatah Mohamed leads
first Diversity Council Event
at Vail Place.

Vail Place now has a Diversity Council.

We are so proud to announce that Vail Place staff members have developed a Diversity Council. The first Diversity Awareness event entitled All Are Welcome Here  was held on Friday, January 27, 2017. The training session began with music and foods from across the world. Guest speaker Abdifatah Mohamed led this incredibly educational and inspiring event. The group covered topics surrounding the Business Case for Diversity, Cultural Competence, Intersectionality, Microaggressions, Power and Privilege and others.

Purpose of the Vail Place Diversity Council

The purpose of the Vail Place Diversity Council is to cultivate a culturally inclusive environment where diversity of thought and expression are valued, respected, appreciated and celebrated. It serves as a resource to Vail Place staff and members by providing information, advocacy, coordination and support for diversity-related events, activities, initiatives and discussions.

Mission of the Vail Place Diversity Council

Attendees learned and shared
on important diversity topics.

  • Increase awareness of diversity issues
  • Increase cultural competence
  • Increase comfort level
  • Provide ongoing communication with entire agency regarding diversity issues
  • Support staff and members around diversity issues
  • Improve relationships with the people we serve

“It’s so important to not only celebrate diversity but to continually learn about ways to support and advocate for diversity in both our professional and personal lives,” said Vicky Couillard, Executive Director of Vail Place. “I’m proud of our staff for taking the initiative and time to create this wonderful group for Vail Place.”