Vail Place Member Spotlight: Julie Tate

Vail Place Member Spotlight: Julie Tate

Get to know Vail Place member Julie Tate!

Julie Tate is one of our most active members at Vail Place. She is currently serving on three committees, including the Program Strategy Committee where she is actively involved in developing new messaging for the organization.

Julie has been a member at Vail Place since 2002. She says that before coming to Vail Place, she was spending a lot of time engaging in self-harm behaviors. In fact, Julie and her case manager decided that if something didn’t change, her situation could be life-threatening. After trying other “drop in centers,” Julie’s case manager suggested Vail Place and she reluctantly said yes.

“It was the yes that saved my life,” Julie says. “When I saw the clubhouse program something inside me lit up. So here I am thirteen years later a totally changed person. My life gained meaning again. I have purpose. I have friends who are like me and I have attained goals in life that I am proud of.”

Beyond her committee service, Julie has served on the board of Vail Place and told her story, including testifying at the State Capitol. She wants the general public to understand that for every scary story on the news, “there are far more of those with mental illness who live regular lives and would never hurt anyone.” Julie is passionate about growing Vail Place and helping to widen its scope of service.

At home Julie’s attention goes to some very spoiled fish, including a 19-year old brown and white-striped catfish aptly named Fishy.