Vail Place Move to Flourish Challenge

It’s that time of year again – The Move To Flourish Challenge is upon us. Join us  and get moving for the entire month of March. Any activity counts and participation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  • Start Moving. Any activity counts, whether it is walking your dog, gentle chair yoga, or just adding some extra movements with household chores, simply increasing your daily activity minutes is the goal.
  • Start a team with your Vail Place colleagues. Compete as a team and see who can rack up the most activity minutes for the month. Can anyone really beat the Admin team at H2? We would love to see who can try! FOLLOW THIS LINK
  • Start an individual or team fundraising page. Get sponsored for your minutes of activity and raise money to help provide healthy and nutritious meals for the Vail Place Clubhouses! Who can raise the most money for the month? FOLLOW THIS LINK.
  • Join and follow the Move To Flourish Channel on Microsoft Teams. Stay up to date on everything going on all month long.
  • Track your activity. Use an activity tracker on your mobile device and jot down how many minutes you spend moving. Research says that we are much more likely to act on things we can measure and track.
  • Share it. Let your moving shine! Use the Move To Flourish tracking form to submit your activity minutes. We will combine everyone’s minutes and calculate our community total to stay motivated. We hope to have 200 participants and get over 60,000 activity minutes
  • Use our Move To Flourish Calendar and play Move to Flourish Bingo. Win Prizes each week!

Click on any of these links to download helpful PDFs for the Move to Flourish Challenge!

Vail Place March Move to Flourish Weekly Challenges

Move to Flourish Challenge

Move to Flourish March Calendar

Move to Flourish Bingo Card

Move to Flourish Social Posts



As an added incentive, each week anyone who submits their activity minutes through will be entered to win a $10 Gift Card. In addition, there will be weekly bonus Move to Flourish challenges and by completing these you can be entered to win additional bonus gift cards. See challenges below:

Vail Place March Move to Flourish Weekly Challenges

Week 1 (3/1-3/5) – Invite 2 people to join you in the Move to Flourish Challenge on your Clubhouse Facebook Group or MS Teams Channel (MoveToFlourish).

Week 2 (3/6-3/12) – Post about the Move to Flourish Challenge on your favorite social media with #VailMTF2022, and tag Vail Place!

Week 3 (3/13-3/19) – Share a Move to Flourish picture or video on your Clubhouse Facebook Group or Microsoft Teams Channel (MoveToFlourish).

Week 4 (3/20-3/26) – Tell your us the impact participating in Move to Flourish has had for you over the past 3 weeks or how you plan to keep moving your body on your Clubhouse Facebook Group or Microsoft Teams Channel (MoveToFlourish).

Week 5 (3/27-3/31) – Tell your favorite Move to Flourish and moment on your Clubhouse Facebook Group or Microsoft Teams Channel (MoveToFlourish).

Also, plan to join us on Friday April 1st at 2pm at the Uptown Clubhouse for a celebration of a month of movement and walking event!