Vail Place Planning in the Face of a Pandemic

Vail Place Planning in the Face of a Pandemic

A letter from our Executive Director, Vicky Couillard.

I imagine you and the people in your life have been challenged to adjust to our new normal just as we have at Vail Place. I sincerely hope that you are doing well, staying healthy and that you have found a way to balance social distancing with the need for social engagement. It’s an incredible challenge for us all.


At Vail Place, we fully embraced social distancing and faced this crisis with an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of our staff and the people we serve. We’ve dedicated all our resources to continuing to safely provide services by shifting to a virtual work-environment quickly, with case managers, care navigators and others connecting with individuals by phone or video.


Vail House is fully operational providing 24/7 housing with supports to 22 individuals. And, while we temporarily shuttered our Clubhouse sites, the Clubhouse Community is open! Staff and members are connecting by phone, gathering virtually and have started a radio show and e-letter.
Across the agency staff are doing an extraordinary job reaching out and connecting to people who need everything from just hearing the voice of someone who cares, to ensuring an individual has their medications, receiving a visit from a nurse, dropping food off from a food shelf, and helping with benefits, housing, and so many of the critical issues facing individuals during the crisis.


And yet I lay awake at night and wonder… Have we done enough? Is there more we can do? Who aren’t we reaching?


I picture Joan when I ask myself these questions… Joan lives with paranoid-type schizophrenia, diabetes and COPD. Because of the COVID-19 virus and her compromised health, she is now too fearful to leave her apartment for any reason.


Joan was nearly out of food. If one of our Vail Care staff hadn’t called to check in on Joan and bring her food and other needed supplies, I don’t know that Joan would be there to answer the next check-in call!


There are hundreds of stories like Joan’s of people who have relied on Vail Place, and who now need us more than ever! With the cancellation of our Spring fundraising events, we know it will take $80,000 to continue to support Joan and the programs that she and others rely on Vail Place to provide each and every day!


Can we count on you to join us in helping the people in our community? Please say…
We are all in this together!


Thank you!