Vail’s Commitment to Racial Justice – Honoring Black History Month

Vail’s Commitment to Racial Justice – Honoring Black History Month

The tragic, senseless murder of George Floyd last May helped raise the consciousness of our community, our nation, and the world to the ongoing, systemic racism that has long oppressed Blacks and People of Color and suppressed their shouts and gasps for equality and justice.

Every one of us must play our part in bringing true diversity, equity, and inclusion to every aspect of our society.

At Vail Place, we have always professed an inclusive and just culture.  But we were shocked to a greater understanding and the need for more concrete action in this area, both internally and in our work in the community.  As a result, we’ve expanded and formalized the role of our Diversity Council to help provide an ongoing safe space for everyone in the agency to learn and share, and to be an instrument for change toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

And we realized that we would benefit if could find professionals who understood us and how to move us forward.  We found that with Team Dynamics, a leader in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion training.  We contracted with them in 2020 to train and coach our leadership, our entire staff, and our board.  I’m thrilled at the commitment everyone has shown to doing this work and doing all we can to address social and racial injustice.

February, Black History Month, is a good time to shine a light on the work that’s been done, and the long road ahead in righting injustice.  Click HERE for a great article on Black History Month – its history and its context.