20 Ways to Get More Tour de Vail Pledges

20 Ways to Get More Tour de Vail Pledges

Nothing beats a phone call for reaching out to friends and family, but if you need more ideas here are some great ways to get more pledges for Tour de Vail!

1.    Make a Facebook Live video asking for pledges.

2.  Tell everyone their money will be “doubled” if we reach the $5000 Wasie match!

4.   Group text 5 work friends asking for a pledge.

5.   Do you have a favorite store? Ask the manager for a business sponsorship.

6.   Tweet your pledge link. Several times!

7.   Make a family video on your phone. Send it in a text message.

8. Email ten people asking for a pledge.

9.   Take a family Instagram asking for a pledge.

10.   Email, tweet, or Facebook a link to this video to learn more about Vail Place.

11. Contact the people on your holiday card list.

12.    Get a pledge from five different states.

13.    Ask your dentist.

14.    Ask your doctor.

15.    Ask your CPA.

16.    Ask your realtor.

17.   Ask your insurance agent.

18.    Ask your hair stylist.

19.   Ask your veterinarian.

20.   Ask your dry cleaners.