Vail Speaker’s Bureau

About the Vail Speaker’s Bureau

The Vail Speaker’s Bureau represents our organization at speaking opportunities in community. Vail Place Speakers give presentations about mental health, Vail Place, our history and our services, including the Clubhouse Model itself. Our Speaker’s Bureau participated in 12 presentations- virtual and in-person- in 2020! They have spoken at locations including Dow Towers, the Basilica of St. Mary and several NAMI family groups.

When Speakers go to speaking engagements they talk about what a Clubhouse is, does, and how it helps peoples’ recovery with some personal stories. They share how easy it is to become a Vail Place member and that, except for meals, it is free.

The Bureau offers three types of speakers and presentations:

  • Members and staff who speak about living with mental illness, personal recovery stories and information about Vail Place.
  • Members and staff who speak about Vail Place as a resource, life in the Clubhouse Model and their personal experiences with Vail Place.
  • Members who use art to speak, such as prose, poetry, monologues or songs.

This diverse group of speakers gives every engagement a variety of perspectives, from a unique personal recovery story to experiences with Vail Place and the Clubhouse Model, and/or the artistic expression of a mental health theme. The Bureau meets regularly to discuss potential populations for presentations, to process past presentations and to work on how one tells their story.

Book the Vail Speaker’s Bureau

To inquire about a presentation, contact Samantha Sands Vail Place via email or by phone at 952-945-4221.

Feedback about the Vail Speaker’s Bureau

“We had a really positive response from the residents, they enjoyed the presentation.” – Psychiatry residents and social work students

“I love how you encourage everyone in your group to share their experiences.  […]  Thank you for the very meaningful work you do.” – NAMI Family to Family Group facilitator

“Thank you so much for coming to [our] company meeting today! You all did such a great job – I heard many comments after the company meeting about how much the team appreciated learning more about Vail Place and the great things that you are doing in the community.”– Healthcare engagement company

Thank you for your meaningful and informative presentation and table display at your visit. Keep up the positive energy you model so well, for all of us! – NAMI Family Support Group

You gave me great hope for recovery from mental illness. Thank you so much! – NAMI Family Support Group

Thanks all for a wonderful presentation and for taking the time to be here and answer all our questions! You’re a great team! – NAMI Family Support Group

It was nice to hear about good places for people to share their lives and talents. – NAMI Family Support Group