Board of Directors

Emily Pearl

Affiliation: Manager, New Business Development, Target
Joined Board: 2013

Vice Chair
Scott Kerssen

Affiliation: Project Manager, Safenet Consulting
Joined Board: 2018

Dan Garry

Affiliation: Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer, University of Minnesota Alumni Association
Joined Board: 2018

Angie Dahl

Affiliation: Director of Development, American Society for Blood & Marrow Transplantation
Joined Board: 2017

Nick Paluck

Affiliation: Pricing Consultant, Xcel Energy
Joined Board: 2018

Margaret Humphrey

Affiliation: Vail Place Member
Joined Board: 2018

John Duffy

Affiliation: President, Ingredient Technologies, Inc.
Joined Board: 2014

Pat Hagan

Affiliation: Senior Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial Services
Joined Board: 2018

Jack Haggerty

Affiliation: Minneapolis Vail Place, Member
Joined Board: 2011

Richard Whitman

Affiliation: Vail Place Member
Joined Board: 2018

Calynn Hendrickson

Affiliation: Hopkins Vail Place, Member
Joined Board: 2016

Elizabeth Knight

Affiliation: General Counsel/Compliance Officer, Catholic Charities
Joined Board: 2017

Amy Browne

Affiliation: Senior Director, Information Technology, Cardiovascular Systems
Years on Board: 2018

Sharon Oswald

Affiliation: Program Manager, Delta Dental of Minnesota
Joined Board: 2018

Cynthia Theis

Affiliation: Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Joined Board: 2018

Char Chmielewski

Affiliation: Vice President, Payer Client Service, Optum
Joined Board: 2017

Catherine McGlinch

Affiliation: Sr. Director of Development, Neurosciences, Heart & Lung, University of Minnesota Foundation
Years on Board: 2015