Clubhouse Community Support Program

People with mental illnesses require a broad range of housing, health and mental health care, and social services. The burden of coordination too often falls on the consumer, who may be overwhelmed by the complexity and competing demands of these disparate programs.


The Clubhouse is a “One-Stop Shop”, functioning as a community-based hub, a single point for people to access, integrate, and coordinate a range of services to work toward mental health recovery. 

Vail Place offers two Community Support Programs for adults living with serious mental illnesses based on the Clubhouse model.

The Clubhouse Model

Centered on relationship building and community, a Clubhouse is comprised of “members” and staff working together side-by-side to operate the Clubhouse, link members to needed services, provide social engagement, and share decision making. We offer peer support to help people with mental illnesses work on their goals in employment, volunteering, health and wellness, and education. 

And a Clubhouse is fun!

Vail Place Clubhouses offer a wide variety of social, recreational, and cultural activities.

Our Physical Clubhouse locations are open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30am-4:30pm


We also offer a wide variety of virtual activities and opportunities for members to participate in using Zoom and Facebook. Virtual Clubhouse Brochure available here


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Vail Uptown            Vail Hopkins

How to Join:

The Clubhouses are enrolling new members! Potential members must be over the age 18, live with a serious mental illness, and be able to attend the Clubhouse independently. Membership is open to people living within an hour of the Twin Cities, with any kind of insurance (or none), with or without waivers. There is no cost to being a Clubhouse member and you do not need a referral from a mental health provider to begin the process. See Frequently Asked Questions here.

Clubhouse Enrollment Coordinators

Uptown Minneapolis:
Katie Leverentz, LSW, CPRP
Phone: 952-945-4260

Samantha Sands, LSW
Phone: 952-945-4221