Clubhouse Community Support Program

People with mental illnesses require a broad range of housing, health and mental health care, and social services. The burden of coordination too often falls on the consumer, who may be overwhelmed by the complexity and competing demands of these disparate programs.


The Clubhouse is a “One-Stop Shop”, functioning as a community-based hub, a single point for people to access, integrate, and coordinate a range of services to work toward mental health recovery. 

Vail Place offers two Community Support Programs for adults living with serious mental illnesses based on the Clubhouse model.

The Vail Place Clubhouses are just two of over 300 programs that follow the Clubhouse Model. A Clubhouse is a place where members and staff work together side-by-side to operate all aspects of the Clubhouse. The Clubhouse can also help with housing, employment, education, health and wellness and so much more. The Clubhouses also offers a wide variety of social, recreational, and cultural events and activities.

Want to Become a Clubhouse Member?

If you’d like to join the Clubhouse or would like to refer someone else, fill out this Referral form and Staff and Members will reach out to the potential Member to schedule a tour!

Click Here to fill out the Membership Referral Form!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does someone become a Member of the Clubhouse?

If you would like to be a Member of the Clubhouse or you would like to refer someone to the Clubhouse, all you have to do is fill out the referral form on our website! Click here for the Referral Form!

Once we receive the referral, Members and Staff will reach out and schedule an in person tour. During the tour, we will ask about your interests or needs.

If you would like to proceed with becoming a Member, you would complete an Enrollment Packet. Then, you’d sign a release of information so that we can request diagnostic information from your mental health provider. Once the Enrollment Packet is complete, you are a Member of the Clubhouse and can join us either in person or virtually anytime!

Who qualifies to be a member?

To be a Member of the Clubhouse, a potential Member should:

  • Have a history of Mental Illness
  • Be over age 18
  • Live within  one hour of the Clubhouse
  • Must be able to independently meet self-care and safety needs. As individuals are free to come and go as they like from the clubhouse, they must possess the necessary safety skills and judgment to move about the community without constant or one-on-one supervision.

How much does it cost to be a member?

There is no cost to being a Clubhouse member. Vail Place does not bill insurance or members for this service. There may be small costs for food or outside social activities.

Do people live at the Clubhouse?

People don’t live at the Clubhouse. However, we can help Members in Housing Search.

Is this a Drop In Center?

No. Vail Place Clubhouses are not drop-in centers. We do have social activities but during the day we are focused on completing the work of the Clubhouse.

A majority of our day is spent engaging in the Work Ordered Day. This is when Members and Staff work side by side to complete the tasks of the Clubhouse. This includes working at our front desk, snack bar, cooking our meals, cleaning tasks, helping with fundraising, working on video projects or our newsletter and much more!

Do people have to come to the Clubhouse?

Everything in the Clubhouse is voluntary so Members can choose when they come, what they do when they are here, etc.

Can a Member join the Clubhouse virtually?

Yes! We do ask that people come in person to the tour of the Clubhouse but after that, Members can feel free to join activities and meetings either in person or on Zoom.

Can Members go to either Clubhouse?

Yes! Once you are a Member of one of our Clubhouses, you can attend any of them!

What can the Clubhouse help Members with?

The Clubhouse helps Members during the work ordered day to have something to do, build relationships with others and various skills. It’s a great option if someone needs something to do to fill their day and meet others. We have social recreation programming in some evenings and weekends for Members to connect with each other.

We can also help members look for housing and other resources and we have employment and education support to help Members who want to go back to school or to work. We can also help Members get connected to other services such as Case Management if the person qualifies for it.

Clubhouse Enrollment Coordinator

Samantha Sands, LSW
Phone: 952-945-4221