Clubhouse Community Support Program

People with mental illnesses require a broad range of housing, health and mental health care, and social services. The burden of coordination too often falls on the consumer, who may be overwhelmed by the complexity and competing demands of these disparate programs.


Program Goal

To function as a community-based “hub,” a single point for people to access, integrate, and coordinate the range of services they require.

Program Description

Vail Place has 39 years’ experience providing community-based services for adults with serious mental illnesses. The Clubhouse centers on community, relationship building and opportunities to help:

  • Reduce isolation and promote recovery through social support services
  • Improve mental and physical health through wellness education and support
  • Obtain and maintain safe, affordable housing
  • Achieve your vocational goals.

The Clubhouse Model

The Clubhouse Model offers:

  • An EvidenceBased Practice for employment, quality of life, and mental health recovery
  • A uniquely integrated approach to recovery, combining peer support with a full array of services
  • Accreditation based on rigorous compliance (by Clubhouse International, the organizing/accrediting body for Clubhouses worldwide)
  • A decades-old, proven person-centered model – now in 340 locations in 33 countries

Clubhouse Contacts

Uptown Clubhouse:
Katie Leverentz, LSW, CPRP
Phone: 952-945-4260

Hopkins Clubhouse:
Samantha Sands, LSW
Phone: 952-945-4221