Vail Connect

Gaps in our mental health services can disconnect people from the right care.  Even a short-term loss of that care can result in long-term, serious impacts to recovery.

Program Goals

To stabilize clients and improve health outcomes in order to connect them to long-term primary and psychiatric care and community supports.

Program Description

This is a mobile, short-term service, typically lasting no longer than three months. Navigators meet you in the community or your home to help connect you to services and supports. This service is limited to individuals connected to North Memorial Health (NMH) and affiliated clinics.

A Vail Connect Navigator can help you, your family or involved care providers in obtaining:

  • mental and/or physical health assessment
  • treatment
  • resources
  • support
  • education

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For more information contact:

Hannah Baker, Vail Connect Team Lead
Phone: 952-945-4244
Email Hannah

*When contacting us please provide the following referral information: Name; DOB; physical health diagnoses, mental health diagnoses, MRN and reason for referral.