About us

Vail Place is a community resource center for adults with serious mental illnesses. We serve as a single point of access and coordination for most everything a person pursuing recovery needs: essential daily living services (housing, employment, health and wellness, etc.); and connections to other critical community resources (medical, dental, benefits, etc.).

The uniquely effective Clubhouse Model was, and remains, the foundation of our work. Our success at building a broad network of partnerships and collaborations has made it possible for us to expand our recovery approach and become a leader in whole-person, integrated care.

We began serving the Twin Cities metro 39 years ago in Hopkins. Now we run multiple programs, maintain housing and healthcare collaborations, and we are actively pursuing strategic new partnerships to help us better serve our mission and our community.

We invite you to visit and take a tour or one of our facilities.

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Mission and Core Values

Our mission is to help people with serious mental illnesses avoid crisis, achieve stability, and pursue active, fulfilling lives based on their individual abilities.  We do this through a work- and relationship-oriented approach that empowers each person to take control of his or her recovery.

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We offer:

  • Purpose

    ...through shared work

  • Direction

    ...through employment, housing, wellness, and social programs

  • Hope

    ...by reconnecting members with community

Contact Us

General Information:
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Clubhouse Program Information:
Katie Leverentz, LSW, Intake Coordinator
Phone: 952-945- 4260
Fax: 952-283- 2312
Email Katie

Case Management Program Information:
Jason Bruss, Case Management Program Assistant
Phone: 952-945- 4275
Fax: 952-938- 7934
Email Jason

Vail Connect Program Information:
Shelly Zuzek, Director of Contracting and Compliance
Phone: 952-945- 4250
Email Shelly

Vail Care Program Information:
Julie Plante, RN
Phone: 952-807- 6337
Fax: 952-945- 4257
Triage line: 952-945- 4225
Email Julie

Vail House Program Information:
Melissa Leimbach, Program Manager
Phone: 612-454- 4479
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Vail Place is named after Dr. David Vail, a national pioneer in promoting the humanitarian treatment of people with mental illnesses in community-based settings.

President Lyndon Johnson presenting Dr. Vail with an award for his efforts on behalf of new mental health legislation.