Become a Monthly Clubhouse Sponsor

monthly giving

Become a Monthly Clubhouse Sponsor

monthly givingThere are many benefits to becoming a regular monthly donor to the charities you love, versus one time donations, even if you give frequently. Here are five reasons monthly giving is a great choice for you and the causes you care about.


Monthly Giving Avoids Donor Fatigue

You may notice that come the holidays, many charities double their efforts for last-minute donations as the end of the year looms. This means you may feel inundated with charitable requests and this may lead to donor fatigue and guilt if you can’t help them all. By allocating part of your monthly budget for charity and setting up automatic monthly donations, you’ll know you’re doing good year-round. When the busy season comes, you can, of course, give more to charities if you choose to, but you will feel less obligated – which can stretch wallets already tightened by the holidays to the limit.

Monthly Giving Makes You Feel Good All Year

Most of us enjoy donating to charities. It gives us a sense of purpose and happiness that we’re able to help others. When you look at your monthly statements and see the automatic donation listed, it serves as a regular reminder that you are doing something great for the causes you love.

Monthly Giving is Convenient

If you are someone who gives frequently to charity, especially if you are working from an annual budget for the amount you’re able to give in a year, automatic monthly giving means funds are allocated and immediately dispensed throughout the year without any extra effort. Most of the time you can use a charity’s website like Vail Place  to specify the amount you want to give monthly and the website sets everything up for you. It’s as easy as can be!

Monthly Giving Helps You Meet Your Tax Goals

If you have an amount of money you want to donate worked into your annual budget for tax deductions, monthly giving is a sure way to meet your goal without extra calculations and manual donations to meet the mark. A good rule of thumb for charitable contributions from many personal finance experts is to give 1% of your total income – so if you earn $200,000, set aside $200 for charity. However much you ultimately want to donate in a year, divide it by 12 and set up monthly giving to take care of things for you!

Monthly Giving Helps Charities

There’s nothing better than knowing you have a stable, monthly income. This is true for individuals and organizations. Often charities get most of their funding from fundraisers throughout the year or end-of-year drives. But if there are monthly donations set up they know they will have regular, reliable income to help with their everyday operating costs. At Vail Place, where we serve people every day, monthly giving offers us extra security and peace of mind.

At Vail Place, we offer a Sponsor a Clubhouse monthly giving option. Learn more and set up your monthly donation here. We thank you for your generosity and support!