Member Spotlight on Margaret Humphrey

Member Spotlight on Margaret Humphrey

The first time she heard about Vail Place, member Margaret Humphrey was in day treatment at Hennepin County Medical Center. Several therapists recommended Vail Place as a community of mental health recovery. Margaret completed the HCMC program but soon began to slip into another depression. She remembered the therapists’ suggestion and scheduled a tour of Vail Place. “I had my intake and voila! I became a Vail Place member,” Margaret says.

That was in 2014. Now Margaret participates in many ways including joining the Vail Place Board of Directors in 2018.

Margaret has also taken up cooking at both Clubhouses. “I started cooking for my friends in my twenties,” Margaret says. “Now I spend 5-6 hours a week looking for good recipes, and I get to cook meals for both Clubhouses.” Margaret’s favorite meal recently? Brazilian Black Bean soup accompanied by a delicious (and easy to make) Spinach Salad with Japanese ginger dressing.

Margaret considers herself an ambassador for Vail Place, and tries to spread its message as much as she can. She also commutes a fair distance from St. Paul to the Clubhouse, another sign of her commitment to the community.

“Mental illness happens to a lot of us at all stages of our lives, not just ‘that person over there’,” says Margaret. “The sense of community, the fact this type of place exists for people like me, the assistance and kindness (including hugs!) from all the staff, the help I’ve received for various problems, these are just some of the reasons I love Vail Place.”