Sports Corner: Athletic News from Vail Place!

Sports Corner: Athletic News from Vail Place!

Vail’s basketball team is off to a 1st place start. Members of Vail’s team scrimmaged on 1/21, which may have helped them tie the People Incorporated Eagles 46-46 on 1/28. The People Inc. Eagles were the 2nd winningest team in Vail’s respective league in 2019.

On 1/28, Vail made many successful plays on offense and defense against the Eagles. On 2/4 Vail’s basketball team defeated 2019’s championship team (Blast), who forfeited. Vail seeks to get to the 2020 championship game.

While some of Vail’s athletes are on pace to finish the season among the league leaders in certain statistical categories and while Vail is currently in 1st place, the team still needs help and has room for improvement. Not all of Vail’s plays on 1/28 were successful ones, and People Inc. will likely increasingly adapt to Vail’s athletes’ style and tendencies as the season advances. They also have a history of regularly modifying their roster. The People Inc. team that Vail will face next time may be different.

Vail didn’t get to face Blast’s 2020 team on 2/4, so they will have to learn about them when they first play them this season. Vail had trouble containing their most productive athletes in 2018 and even more trouble in 2019. Many of Blast’s athletes have been leading Vail’s respective league in several statistical categories since 2018. Vail has been practicing more this season than in seasons past, and the team is actively working on improving their effort, technical proficiency, agility, speed, nervous systems, coordination, jumping ability, conditioning and on reducing their anxiety. Ask Coach CJ about joining the team today!

Super Bowl 

Many of 2020’s Super Bowl athletes demonstrated nutrition and exercise habits that the Vail community can learn from. Strength training and stretching aren’t just for Super Bowl athletes; they’re practices that almost everyone should utilize. The average American doesn’t get recommended amounts of either. In Minnesota, there are also many reasons to stretch and strength train on a regular basis. Stretching and strength training can make shoveling safer and pushing cars out of the snow easier. It can also assist with chasing the bus, walking gait and cadence, posture and body composition, human interactions, carrying groceries, opening jars, arranging furniture and self defense.

Cardiovascular health is vital, but so is musculoskeletal health. Even in the 21st century musculoskeletal mass, strength and the ability to exert a lot of force quickly can be useful. Many of 2020’s Super Bowl athletes had water, mineral and high quality protein intakes that were greater than the national average. Many Americans consume less than recommended levels of certain nutrients. Consuming greater quantities of certain nutrients could mean a healthier brain, body and a reduced risk of disease. While healthy nervous systems helped this year’s Super Bowl athletes perform well and maintain their health and wellness, they’ve done the same thing for many others since the beginning of human history. Aspects of the nervous system tend to deteriorate with age in adults. Actively working to optimize them could mean better hearing and vision, quicker and more complete recall, and an easier time staying upright when walking over ice as well as an easier time avoiding automobile collisions and falling tree branches.

Regular stretching, strength and nervous system training and a greater intake of certain nutrients may enhance your mental, social and physical health, as well as appearance, quality and duration of life, and your bodily and personal security.

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