Vail Place Receives Target Grant for Supportive Housing Services

Vail Place Receives Target Grant for Supportive Housing Services

We are honored that Vail Place was chosen to receive a $15,000 grant for Supportive Housing Services from Target Corporation. Since 1946 Target has donated 5% of its profit to communities, and we are grateful to again be selected as a recipient of their generosity.

Our Supportive Housing Services help our members find safe, affordable, independent housing, and give them the skills and tools needed to retain housing and achieve self-sufficiency. “Adults with serious mental illnesses often struggle to find and maintain safe and affordable places to live. In fact, about two thirds of them are at risk of homelessness at any time,” said Stefano Loverso, Vail Place Director of External Affairs. “Vail Place programs help provide the skills and tools needed to help them retain housing, and to achieve self-sufficiency. Target has been a long-time supporter of our work in this area.”

Thanks to our extensive Supportive Housing Services including direct and long-term support provided in the home, assistance with applications, landlords and independent living skills, for the past two years 100% of adults supported by Vail Place have maintained their housing for over six months.

Vicky Couillard, Vail Place Executive Director explained, “Our Housing services are designed to offer both housing-related information and technical assistance, and ongoing direct support to ensure successful independent living. By recognizing the importance of long-term, supportive housing services with this grant, Target has reinforced its brand as a significant corporate contributor to our community.”

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