Introducing Sponsor a Clubhouse Monthly Giving Program

Introducing Sponsor a Clubhouse Monthly Giving Program

We are pleased to unveil our new Sponsor a Clubhouse monthly giving program to help support these and other services we provide. We invite you to be one of the first to sponsor a Clubhouse. By contributing a monthly gift, you will help us to continue to provide and expand these valuable health and wellness services.

Thanks to generous donations from supporters and our community, we were able to accomplish amazing feats last year like acquiring a new administrative building and Vail House, a 23-bed housing facility for those living with mental illness and chemical dependency issues. We also served 2,080 individuals in 2016 – that’s 170 more than we served in 2015. But this year we have our sights on even loftier goals.

We have instituted a health and wellness initiative in our Clubhouses to educate adults with mental illness about healthy lifestyle changes they can make to combat the physical effects of mental illness and the medications often prescribed to treat mental conditions. Our initiative is composed of three programs:

  • A year-long Diabetes Prevention program to help those at risk of diabetes learn about lifestyle changes.
  • A Living Well with Chronic Conditions program to support those living with a variety of chronic conditions.
  • A Vail Care program that lets members with serious medical conditions collaborate with a team of nurses and staff who will create a customized health improvement plan for them.

Learn more about becoming a monthly donor here.