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Mental Health on the Hill Day March 31st

Visit with Minnesota legislators and make your voice heard on Thursday, March 31st at Mental Health Day on the Hill 2016. Last year’s Mental Health Day helped lead Minnesota to a record-breaking $50 million dollars in new funding for mental

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The Power of Kind Fellowship

Nancy Howe first learned of the power of “kind fellowship” at Vail Place many years ago while searching for resources for her son. Like many parents of children with mental illness, Nancy has had to navigate her way through multiple

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Vail Place attends National Council for Behavioral Health Conference

On March 7th, 2016 staff members from Vail Place traveled to Las Vegas, NV for the National Council for Behavioral Health Conference also known as NatCon16. The annual three-day conference brings together health, mental health, and addiction care professionals from across

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Research Suggests Exercise Plays a Key Role in Mental Health

A study from UC Davis Health System has shown exercise keeps you not just physically fit, but mentally fit, too. According to imaging studies, rigorous exercise increases the levels of two common neurotransmitters that are deficient in people with certain mental

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Vail Place Receives $10,000 Grant from TCF Foundation

Vail Place has received a $10,000 grant from the TCF Foundation, renewing its partnership with our organization.  The award will be used to further the mission of Vail Place, which is to help people with serious mental illnesses avoid crisis, achieve

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